Friday, August 12, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 08-12

Sex Education Back in Session
Parents in New York City will no longer be explaining the birds and the bees to their kids, because city government is taking control.

Contraception in Kentucky Hospitals
The Church’s teaching on contraception is causing the Governor of Kentucky to question a large but controversial healthcare merger.

Abortionist on Staff
A Catholic Hospital in Colorado has sparked outrage because its longest serving physician is none other than infamous abortionist Richard Grossman.

Beckham’s Baby Defended
A population expert from the London School of Economics is calling out critics in the United Kingdom for condemning the Beckham’s as bad examples after the recent birth of their baby girl.

Sesame Street Sodomites
Now that same-sex marriage is legal … homosexual activists are calling for Bert and Ernie to tie the knot.

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