Friday, February 3, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-03

Washington State Marriage Battle
Homosexual marriage may soon be legal in Washington State as a bill passes in the Senate and heads to the State House of Representatives.
CNS News

CHA Questions Mandate
The Head of the Catholic Health Association was once a supporter of Obamacare … but now she’s not so sure.
America Magazine

Fighting Filipino Terrorism
Southeast Asia’s most wanted terrorist is being reported dead … killed in the Philippines by a U.S. backed air strike.
Fox News

Primary Concern
The Florida Primary may not be over … as Newt Gingrich is making claims that may designate more delegates to his cause in the GOP race for presidential nomination.
The Blaze

The Longest Knot
In a world where divorce, adultery and cohabitation seem to be the norm … it is important for young people to be reminded that marriages can be successful.
Fr. Z's Blog

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