Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-29

Gag Order
It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Catholic thought - morals - and rights … are being discriminated against in the world marketplace of ideas … and the evidence is all around us… here are some of the headlines: Unless mandate is rescinded ... Dolan Snubbed Post Birth Abortions

Homosexual Teaching Agenda
All Parents in Alberta, Canada could be forced by the government to make sure their children are being taught that homosexuality is okay … according to new legislation.
Catholic Culture

Vatican Cyber-Siege
The Vatican has repelled an assault … not by barbarian hordes this time … but by an army of cyberspace trolls trying to deface the Vatican’s website.
New York Times

GOP Primary Update
Mitt Romney has taken the Michigan and Arizona Primaries overnight … running neck and neck with Rick Santorum to the last minute in the GOP nomination race.
FOX News

Sacred Places Profaned
As attacks on Holy Land sites associated with the life of Christ are become targets of vandalism … custodians of these sacred places are calling on Israeli Prime Minister … Shimon Peres to put an end to the desecration.

Sins of Omission … Hollywood Style
Viewers fell completely in love with the box office hit cinema based on a true story … The Vow … after it came out earlier this month … but the real-life people the movie depicts say a big part of their struggle was left out.
Catholic News Agency

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