Thursday, February 9, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-09

Strong-Arming Contraception
Have you checked your daughter’s arms for signs of minor surgery lately?
Parents in the United Kingdom are finding out that their little girls are being injected with contraceptive implants without their knowledge or permission.
The Telegraph

Contraception Crisis
While the teaching of the Catholic Church adamantly condemns contraception … it is being confirmed the majority of Catholic Americans are dissenting on the issue in disturbing numbers.
Public Religion Research Institute

Congressional Criticism
Obamacare’s contraception mandate is drawing the critical eye of 154 members of congress … who are asking the Obama administration to reverse the unconstitutional legislation.
Catholic News Agency
Cybernet News Service

Mutilated Motto
Atheists have had their way with the Air Force’s old motto … yet again removing the mention of God from anything in the public sphere.
The Hill

Planned Parenthood’s Dark Cloud
After nearly 100 million dollars in alleged fraud and mafia-style shakedowns of organizations like Komen for the Cure ... the largest murderer of unborn children is still asking us to believe that they are in the healthcare business.
Cybernet News Service

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