Monday, February 27, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-27

Texas Takedown
Lone Star State Lawmakers are defunding Planned Parenthood at the expense of losing federal Medicaid altogether … making the message to America’s abortion machine loud and clear … don’t mess with Texas.

Sisters Supporting Obamacare
Nearly two dozen religious communities of sisters have filed an amicus legal brief in support of the so-called “compromise” with the Obamacare mandate … bucking efforts of bishops to fight off an administration bent on parsing and crippling religious liberty rights.
St. Louis Review

Monastery Attacked
Thirty armed men wearing masks attacked a Jesuit monastery in Syria … demanding money and weapons.
Eurasia Review

Michigan Primary Update
Mitt Romney is gaining ground … reclaiming a slight lead over Rick Santorum since the beginning of the weekend … as the clock ticks down to the Michigan Primary tomorrow.
New York Daily News
Real Clear Politics

Gay Marriage Goes to School
Teachers in the United Kingdom are going to be forced to teach school children that so-called homosexual marriage is important … and may even face disciplinary action if they refuse.

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