Thursday, February 16, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-16

Bishops Media Blitz
Lines are being drawn by the U.S. Catholic Bishops over Obama’s contraception mandate … as they marshal forces for a public relations battle to win support for religious freedom.
Associated Press

E-Mail Sting
Sister Carol Keehan is insisting that she is pro-life after being caught ignoring emails from pro-life organizations … but taking the time for positive interaction with pro-death supporters.
Lifesite News

One Nation Under Atheism
Atheists in Massachusetts are trying to eliminate the mention of God in the public square … and this time one family is upset about the pledge of allegiance.

Santorum's Warming Trend
There may be ice and snow on the ground ... but as the Republican race heads to Michigan for the latest primary... Rick Santorum may be heating things up ... melting away Mitt Romney's poll numbers.
Rasmussen: GOP National
Catholic News Agency

Catholics Reconsidering Obama
The majority of Catholics are disapproving of Obama’s presidential job performance … according to a report released this week.

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