Friday, February 10, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-10

Unconstitutional Accommodation
Obama is announcing a change in the contraceptive mandate today to do what he says keeps religious employers from violating their consciences when it comes to being forced by the government to accept contraception sterilization and abortion.
FOX News

Line Item Imperialism
Obama may soon have the ability to pick out specific items from new spending bills introduced by congress … as the House of Representatives passes a new law giving Obama a power that has previously been called unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
Cybernet News Service

Catholic Network Sues Administration
EWTN … or the Eternal Word Television Network is suing the Obama administration … for the mandate requiring them to cover sterilization, abortion and contraception under the Obama healthcare mandate.
Lifesite News: EWTN Sues Obama
Lifesite News: Catholic Health Association

Evergreen State Falls to Same Sex Marriage
Homosexual marriage in Washington State will be signed into law by its dissenting Catholic Governor … Chris Gregoire … now that the State House has passed the legislation following the Senate’s vote last week.

Santorum Gaining Support
Rick Santorum is trying to setup another surge as he comes off of his recent three-state sweep … trying to raise money as he prepares for upcoming events in the Western part of the country.

Door to Door Death
On call suicide at home will be available soon in the Netherlands … made possible by a private company … so that you can kill yourself even if your doctor cites ethical reasons for refusing to end your life.
Lifesite News

Pro-Life Smart Phones
If you thought Apple’s voice recognition application … Siri … was pro-life for refusing to guide people to abortion clinics … wait ‘til you hear Verizon’s new android application quote the Bible to prove her point.

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