Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-07

Extraordinary Injustice
2,400 dollars a week is a hefty fee to pay to homeschool your own children …. but that’s how much the Swedish government is fining a Jewish Rabbi’s family … unless they put their kids in public schools immediately.
The Blaze

Catholic School Conundrum
Chicago’s Catholic School classrooms are filling up … even if Bishops in other cities are giving up and closing school doors on their turf.
Associated Press

Deadly Silence
A new court ruling says you can help someone commit suicide in Georgia ... as long as you don't publicize it.
Associated Press

Orthodoxy Outs Obamacare
More forces are gathering behind the effort to oppose the Obamacare mandate forcing contraception, abortion and sterilization on Catholics … as the Orthodox Bishops in the United States join the fight.
Assembly of Orthodox Bishops

Media’s-Islamic Influence
An activist group tied to the Muslim Brotherhood is taking advantage of a recent scandal in Britain … to try pushing the government into restricting the Media’s criticism of Islam.
Stonegate Institute

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