Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-28

Court of Public Opinion
Americans are showing an overwhelming disapproval of Obama’s healthcare mandate … as the supreme court hearings on the issue draw closer.
Cybernet News Service

Gay-on-Gay Crime
A Massachusetts assault case of three lesbians attacking a homosexual is raising some questions … one of which is … can the so-called “sexual orientation” of an attacker determine whether or not it is a hate crime?

Mapping Condom Use
Your “Safe” sexual encounters should be shared with the rest of the world … according to Planned Parenthood … and that is exactly what they are encouraging college kids to do with their latest campaign.

Secret Sexting
“Sexting” has become increasingly more popular with tweens and teens in today’s society … and parents should also know … there are phone applications out there that can be used to hide such messages.
FOX News
Sexting Statistics

Legislating Personhood
Virginia and Oklahoma seemed to be in a race to see who would pass personhood legislation first … but now it looks like if it gets passed at all this year … Oklahoma will be carrying it across the finish line.
Lifesite News
National Journal

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