Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 06-01

Alabama Monastery Reconciles with Church

A schismatic monastery has been reconciled with the Diocese of Birmingham and the Holy See. Approval has been given by the local Ordinary for the offering of the Extraordinary form of the Mass at the monastery.

France Fights Stem Cell Research Legislation

For a country which strictly forbids faith and the sacred from entering the public policy realm, it is surprising that strict limitation on Embryonic Stem Cell Research are being maintained. Embryonic Stem Cell Research is forbidden by the Catholic Church, and it because of protests from the Church that the law has not been broadened.

Arriaga Ousted After Speech Cancelled

A Jesuit priest representing a pro-abortion organization has left office following the cancellation of his speaking engagement in the Archdiocese of Ottawa. The Archdiocese has upheld Catholic teaching by not allowing a promoter of abortion to speak in the Archdiocese.

Russian Lawmakers Prep Crackdown on Abortion

The Russian Orthodox Church and conservative parliamentarians are pushing legislation which radically restricts abortions. Yahoo!

Austin Diocese Downs Homeschooling

It appears the bishop of Austin doesn't want to endorse homeschooling… Why? Because he is charge of the Catholic schools in his diocese.

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