Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Power of Homosexual TV

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XAndrewX said...

The mental infiltration of acceptance of homosexual sin is incredible. I teach Confirmation II at my parish (my 2nd year teaching) and I help out with the youth group.

Being a convert of over 20 years from fundamentalist, I teach the Church from the bible as well as the Catechism and History.

There was a recent occasion when the discussion of homosexuality came up after class. The current youth coordinator said she had 2 homosexual youth in the group. They would bring their partners to the meetings, holding hands etc., I told her she needed to stop that behavior during the meetings and on Church grounds because her saying nothing means it is OK to the other kids. I told her she needed to be charitable and inform them the Churches position on the subject.

Well this opened up a can of worms for her. She then started making comments in support of homosexuality under the “Everybody wins/Can we all just get along” syndrome.

Now, there are other teachers present during this conversation and she starts defending this topic with a story of seeing a homosexual “catholic” group at a Catholic convention she once attended. She said they were all active homosexuals promoting acceptance. She felt they were good catholics. I informed her that if they are in open defiance of Church teachings then they were not Catholic at all but catholic in name only.

At this point she is getting mad. So before she can even mutter more nonsense about these false catholics, in front of the other teachers, I grab a bible and cite to her Matthew 7:21-23.

Now the kicker on this is after I quote God’s Holy Word in scripture, does she see the light? No, she says not to preach to her.

This woman is in charge of our parish youth group?

Orange County, CA