Thursday, June 30, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 06-30

Live Action Strikes Again

This time Indiana Planned Parenthood is caught repeatedly admitting all across the state that any of the so-called healthcare services the abortion provider offers can be found at the hospital down the street.

Poland Defends Life

After months of protecting the initiative from outside scrutiny Polish Government has announced after an immense grassroots campaign there will be a vote on banning abortion from the country completely.

New Jersey is Next

So soon after the same-sex marriage law has passed in New York seven lesbian and gay couples are suing for MORE rights in New Jersey.

Chinese Ordination Defies Vatican

The Catholic Patriotic Association of China has defied Rome by ordaining a bishop without mandate from Pope Benedict.

Clinton Sends Gaga to EuroPride

Hillary Clinton boasted proudly at an LGBT pride month celebration recently that the U.S. Embassy in Rome played a key role in securing Lady Gaga for the homosexual Pride performance earlier this month.

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