Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 06-21

Boston Backpedals on so-called Gay Mass

The Archdiocese has gone back on its ban of a mass to celebrate gay pride and the Boston Globe says church officials have set a date for next month.



Government Wide Sensitivity Training

The USDA is pushing government-wide homosexual training beginning with its own people.


Ducking Pro-Life Pledge

A pro-life group has asked Republican presidential hopefuls to sign a pro-life pledge but some are trying to wriggle out of fighting for life.


Pro-Life Prosecuted

A pro-life leader is fighting charges after protecting an abortion clinic from what looked like a bomb package while attending peaceful prayer vigil in Wilmington Delaware.


Muslims Slaying Christians

Muslims in a southern state of Sudan are attacking churches detaining Christians and killing them.



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