Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 06-15

Archdiocese Endorses Homosexual Prayer Service

The Boston chancery just recently cancelled a mass that it claims was not meant to celebrate gay pride, but now they are publicly endorsing a homosexual prayer service in its place.

Hungary Fights for Pro Life Balance

The European Union is forcing itself on Hungary, demanding that a government run Pro-Life campaign be stopped.

Arizona Fights Abortion

Arizona's Abortion Consent Act is up for another war since Planned Parenthood has filed a suit putting the law on hold.

Single Sex Dorms

The president of Catholic University is addressing the problems of drinking and hooking up on campuses by announcing the return of single sex dormitories.

Florida Scandal Correction

Previously reported on Catholic News Roundup was a story about a priest from the Diocese of Tampa, Florida. We have received an email that the priest is from Poland, but is sponsored by Diocese of Venice, Florida.

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