Friday, June 10, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 06-10

Christmas restricted in Canada

Catholic day-care centers in Canada are being allowed to celebrate Christmas, but they can't talk about Christ. Just one of the many restrictions being placed on Catholics, and all Christians in Canada.

Beantown gay pride Mass

A parish in Boston is having a Gay Pride Mass later this month. Let me repeat that… A Catholic parish is celebrating a GAY PRIDE MASS! And what is being done about this?!


UK Pro-Lifers take on new tactics

Pro-Lifers in England pray outside of an abortion mill saving lives while being verbally attacked by passers-by. WAY TO GO WARRIORS FOR LIFE IN ENGLAND!

High school student fights teacher on Resurrection

A high school school student from Ontario, Canada has made a video defending the Truth of the Resurrection after her teacher AT A CATHOLIC SCHOOL told her that Jesus never resurrected!


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