Friday, June 10, 2011

God Has The Power, Not DTE

From the Detroit Free Press. For those of you with an aversion to clicking links, downtown Detroit (including the Cobo Center) has no power right now.

According to this article power is expected to be restored within 24 hours. Timestamp for that article is 2202hrs 6/9/11. Wayne State U has already cancelled classes for today (I guess they know how this is likely to go).

(For all our readers in Detroit who are affected by the power outage; i) how are you reading this? It might be a good idea to promote our mobile site to you and ii) we do hope and pray your power is restored swiftly, especially in the terrible heat we are having now.)

However .... what is happening in Cobo Center, starting at 6PM tonight? Why, it might be this thing I really shouldn't link to but I guess it's too late to matter any more.

As of now, there are 10 hours before the ACC begins in the powerless Cobo Center ....

Hey, ACC - you were right! God has changed! I guess fire and brimstone is gauche these days :)


lauermar said...

Simon, I agree with you. I hope Satan doesn't restore power right before the program begins.

Simon Rafe said...

Trying to cool that building in anything less than several hours is going to be impossible. Also, it has been touted all over the news that "COBO CENTER IS CLOSED TODAY". Even if they get it back open, there are people who just won't turn up (including workers). I'd be willing to lay odds on the ACC not opening tonight, although it might be starting by tomorrow.