Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 06-28

American Church Reorganized

The Vatican is preparing a document which could possibly shake the Catholic Church in America to its foundations.


Kansas Abortion Mill Bites the Dust

Thanks to new legislation One of the three remaining abortion mills in Kansas may close and it doesn’t look good for the other two.


Abortion Trumps States Rights

A Federal Judge in Indiana has issued an injunction blocking a new state law that defunded Planned Parenthood.


True Marriage Persecuted

After the approval of same-sex marriage in New York Empire State bishops are saying they expect lawmakers to target those who honor True Marriage.


Preschool Pushes Gender Neutrality

Being called a boy or a girl is no longer acceptable in preschool you must be called “friend” by the teacher in order to avoid what is being called gender stereotyping.


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