Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mobile & SimpleText versions of the website available

We are pleased (yea, even unto smiling a bit) to offer mobile and SimpleText versions of the website.

What are these things, you ask?

Well, we describe them a bit here, but the details are fairly simple. The Mobile version of the site is designed to be used on Flash-incapable mobile devices (such as iPhones, iPads and iPongs) - it uses a different video format. It works very well on iThingies, and works to a certain degree on other mobile devices.

(The simple fact of the matter is this; there is no standardization for mobile video - except, you know, Flash which Steve Jobs of Apple dislikes. So ... I can't guarantee anything. Well, I could - but it would be a fib.)

The SimpleText version of the site is intended to be used on Flash-capable mobile devices (I think the Android is Flash-capable) and also by those persons using a screen reader (a piece of software which reads text out loud).

Both of these versions have very few graphics (none, really) and very simple, direct formatting which loads fast and displays well on small screens. So, if you are on a slow connection or a small screen mini-PC or something like that you might like to use the SimpleText version as well; I am sure many people will find many uses for these versions of the site.

So, how do you get them? Simple! Just log in as normal to the site and click the mobile or SimpleText icon in the top right of the screen - the mobile icon looks like a little 'phone and the SimpleText icon is the letters "ST". Once you have selected the version you display, that device should always log you into that version - until you tell it to go to another version.

It's all very simple. Obviously, this software is offered "as is" and we make no promises about it working on every device. In addition, we do not have mobile versions of all the videos - although we are dilligently working on getting that done.

AND! It wouldn't be fair for me to tell you about a mobile thing without reminding you to check your dataplan with your carrier; data rates for mobile 'phones can be VERY expensive!

Additional AND! Don't forget about the RSS feeds we offer, too; these can be very useful for keeping up to date with the News and Vortex - click here for them. I'm sure I mentioned this once or twice before ... ?

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