Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 06-14

ACC Priest Defies Archbishop

After a letter issued was issued last week by the Archbishop of Detroit forbidding clerics to attend or even take part in a heretical conference and liturgy hosted by the American Catholic Council Father Bob Wurm, a retired Detroit priest, not only ATTENDED the conference … he LED the liturgy


Women Ordained Priests

Four women have openly defied Church teaching and Tradition by trying to take Holy Orders.


Lawyers Fight to Reinstate Prop 8 After Judge is Admittedly Gay

Pro-marriage lawyers in California are demanding a reversal of the ruling that Proposition eight was unconstitutional because the judge who made the decision is a homosexual


Suicide Scene Hits TV

According to reports from the UK the British Broadcasting Corporation is producing a documentary on assisted suicidal, and it shows the death of a man who decides to poison himself.


12 Year Old Abortions in Ontario

While these clinics express pride for what they call their services, the Pro-life group Campaign Life Coalition Youth calls it a sex-abuser’s dream because they can impregnate as many young girls as they want… and then cover it up with free abortions.


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