Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 04-04

Obama Confronts Court
Mister Obama says if his healthcare law does not pass the scrutiny of the Supreme Court … it would be an act of “judicial activism.”
FOX News

Administration Pays Damages
Obama’s Department of Justice is being excoriated by a Florida district court judge … and being ordered to pay a pro-life woman 120 thousand dollars.

Islamic Italian Takeover
Hundreds of mosques in Italy are coming together to form a Muslim confederation … one that will be controlled by the Morroccan government .

Irish Priest Exonerated
Falsely accusing a priest of abuse can have serious consequences … a fact that one of Irelands national broadcasters is set to find out the hard way … after the completion of an ongoing investigation.
Catholic News Agency

Higher Education Lower Studies
The cost of sexual indoctrination couldn’t be higher … but college students are buying big … paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for degrees in what is being called Gender Studies.
Cybernet News Service
Notre Dame Grant Page

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