Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 04-12

The Cost of Abuse
Sexual abuse scandals have cost the Church Billions of dollars over the past seven years … and we have the latest published numbers on the issue.

Perverted Pro-Abortion Prayer
The Success of the Forty Days for Life Campaign sweeping across America has Pro-abortion activists retaliating … by coming up with a nemesis project.

Pro-Life Rights Re-enforced
Images of aborted babies at pro-life demonstrations are protected by the first amendment … confirmed by the Supreme Court of Wyoming’s recently closed case on the issue.

Here Come the Shock Troops
The Church Militant is getting younger and more educated … according to one study on the newest members of religious orders over the past year.
Catholic News Agency

Rainbow Indoctrination
One Catholic College President is claiming that her University’s scheduled drag show is not inconsistent with the school’s Catholic identity.
Washington Times
California Catholic Daily

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