Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Democrats Denying Religious Liberty …
Democratic candidates for the Senate appear ready to violate religious liberty … and will have no problem as senators passing legislation forcing Catholic hospitals to perform abortions.  

Guidelines Threaten Therapists!!
Helping homosexuals who want to leave the gay lifestyle can now cost you your credentials … according to the United Kingdom’s newly created guidelines for therapists.

Canadian Baby Market!! 
Sex-selective in vitro fertilization is being regularly Advertised in Canadian newspapers … following a recent study done in the country indicating female babies are abortion targets for certain immigrant groups.

Crusaders to the Corps!!
The Marine Corps is clashing with atheists in the military over a recent decision to call fighter squadron 122 the Crusaders … also giving them the Templar Cross as an insignia. 

Extreme Islamic Meddling!
Muslim extremist groups are being allowed to influence the strategy of the United States … According to Florida Republican Representative Allen West. 

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