Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 04-11

Catholic Candidate Drops Out
Rick Santorum is suspending his campaign in the GOP Presidential Nomination race … citing concerns over his daughter’s health after she spent Good Friday in the hospital as a result of her rare genetic disorder.
Michelle Malkin Blog
Washington Post
New York Times

Obamacare in the Red
Obama is denying claims by a leading economist that his signature healthcare law will add hundreds of billion dollars to the national deficit.
FOX News

Mandating Sin
Under pain of sin … there is no excuse for any Catholic employer to give in to Obamacare’s mandate to make contraception available to employees in their companies.
Lifesite News
National Review

Laotian Catholics Persecuted
The communist government in Laos has confiscated a chapel … forcing hundreds of Catholics to celebrate this Easter Season in the open air … and without a priest.
UCA News

Arab Spring Chills Democracy
A court in Egypt is suspending a panel created to write Egypt’s constitution … after parliament tried to give over half the panel seats to Islamist lawmakers.

Blasphemous Bar
The owner of a bar named to mock the Queen of the Holy Rosary and God himself … says people should just lighten up … as Catholics protest the sacrilegious hate speech of his establishment.

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