Thursday, April 26, 2012

Government Gender Bending
Employers across America will now face the risk of being taken to court for refusing to hire transgendered individuals.

Same Sex Psychology Sacked
If you are afflicted with same sex attraction … California lawmakers want to force you to admit that same-sex attraction is not a disorder before even allowing you to begin therapy.

 Jesuit Justification Challenge
Over one hundred students and alumni are challenging the Jesuit establishment at Georgetown … because they have allowed abortion and contraception activist Sandra Fluke to speak at the Catholic college.

Gingrich Backs Out 
Catholic GOP candidate Newt Gingrich is telling news sources that he plans on dropping out of the presidential race on Tuesday … following a five state sweep of primaries by Mitt Romney. 

Freedom Rally Rolls Again
Pro-lifers across America are gearing up to show more opposition to Obama’s HHS contraception mandate … getting ready to rally for religious freedom again. 

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