Thursday, April 5, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 04-05

Judge To Obama: Explain Yourself
Federal judges demanding an explanation … after Obama’s remarks Monday about the powers of the judicial branch to regulate laws passed by congress.
FOX News

Cincinnati Archdiocese in Court
A federal judge is giving the go-ahead for a woman to sue the Archdiocese of Cincinnati … after they fired her for violating church teaching when she conceived through the use of artificial insemination.
Washington Post

University Contraception Ban
The President of Xavier University is striking contraception coverage from the Jesuit university’s employee health insurance plan … taking action to enforce Catholic teaching.

Priming for Pennsylvania
After Rick Santorum fought so diligently in Michigan to undermine Mitt Romney’s popularity in his home state … it looks like Romney will get his chance to try taking Santorum’s home turf as well.
FOX News
Church Report
USA Today

A Generous Gift
It has been discovered during this Holy Week that an Italian man who died on St. Patrick’s Day … at the age of 50 … is leaving the Catholic Church almost 2 billion dollars in assets.

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