Friday, April 27, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 04-27

Confused Catholic Vote!
Catholics are ready to vote Barack Obama back into office … even though he is the most pro-death president in history … poised to steal religious freedoms from United States citizens … and ready to force Catholic institutions to pay for abortion and contraception.

Consecration Correction!
Pope Benedict XVI is correcting German Bishops on the words of consecration … reminding them the word “many” … not “all” is to be used during the consecration of the wine during mass.

Making the Case for a Cure …
One Spanish Bishop is making a fiery case against the evils of the homosexual lifestyle and giving proof that those freed from same sex attraction rejoice at the change in their life.

 Atheist Erasing Biblical Tadition …
Athiests hate the Bible and Christianity … and are showing their distaste by forcing their beliefs into the lives of military personnel and American civilians alike.
Worldwide Witchcraft!
The satanic practice of witchcraft is being called a deadly plague to society in third world countries … while being embraced as a social requirement in some parts of Western Culture. 

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