Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No Free Speech Zone!!
Barack Obama has made it illegal to exercise free speech … signing a new law last week making it a felony for anyone to protest … in his presence. 

Investing in Islam!
The White House just wrapped up talks with the Muslim Brotherhood over investing American dollars in Egyptian businesses.

Discriminating Code …
Hutchinson City, Kansas lawmakers may be making homosexuals a protected class … trampling the religious freedom rights of Churches to do it.
FOX News Radio

Condoms over Crosses!
Pro-life students at the Western University of Kentucky are squaring off with pro-death activists … who desecrated a display of crosses … with faculty approval.

Confusing Ecumenism … 
The U.S. Bishops’ conference has joined up with a Methodist denomination to publish a corroborated statement on the Eucharist and the effects of Global Warming. 

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