Monday, April 23, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 04-23

Risking Birth Defects
Conceiving through in vitro fertilization increases the risk of birth defects by a significant margin … says a review of dozens of studies done since the practice was initiated thirty years ago.   

Bishop Denied Free Speech
An American bishop is being blasted over his comments about Obama’s policies … as political lobbyists … and some of America’s most prestigious Catholic educators … excoriate him.
Lifesite News

Historic Boston Church Closed
A seven year vigil has ended ... as the Archdiocese of Boston changes the locks on an east side church. Boston Catholic Insider 

Romney Hires Homosexual
Mitt Romney is causing a stir amongst conservative voters … deciding to add an openly homosexual man to his staff.

Muslim Burn Sudanese Church
A mob has torched a Catholic Church in Sudan … as tensions grow between the militant Islamic nation and the recently seceded … and decidedly Christian country … of Southern Sudan.
Associated Press

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