Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 04-10

Deadly Muslim Bombing
Thirty eight deaths have been confirmed so far after a Muslim terrorist group set off a deadly car bomb on Easter Sunday in Nigeria.
The Global Post

Dictator Detains Freedom Fighters
In the wake of the Pope’s recent visit to Cuba … Socialist dictator Raul Castro is re-igniting his wrath on those who stand for liberty … imprisoning anyone who challenges his agenda.
Catholic News Agency

Easter Hate Speech
Vandals have visited a Seattle Washington Cathedral for the second time in two months … this time making a special effort to display their hatred for Catholicism … on the Easter Vigil.

Voris Special Report on Sharia
Tensions were high this past weekend in Dearborn Michigan as pro-Islamic demonstrators got heated with first amendment supporters who showed up to support Pastor Terry Jones.
Thomas More Law Center

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