Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 10-04

Corrupted Money Campaign
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops appears to have been turning blind eye while organizations under its Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) have been giving money to birth control, homosexuality and Marxism.

Another Committee
A list of growing religious liberty concerns is prompting The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to react … by forming a committee.

Hail to the Chief Activist
Barack Obama is crowing about his support for same-sex activism … talking smack to Republicans about how he supports the freedom of homosexuals across America … referencing the recent repeal of Don’t ask Don’t Tell among other things.

Failing the Family
Conservative Canadians feel betrayed … and not surprisingly … after what was thought to be one of the most right wing national media outlets in the country is rolling over to same-sex activism by removing a pro family ad from circulation.
Lifesite News

Media Bigots
It is well known that the media is conglomerated … left leaning … and biased for the most part … but further scrutiny really brings out how anti-christian advanced media platforms really are … according to Zenit-dot-org.

Miraculous Host
Over a thousand Catholics in Sokolka, Poland gathered over the weekend at St. Anthony’s parish … to celebrate what could be a Eucharistic Miracle.
CBS News

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