Monday, October 3, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 10-01

Disordered Parenting
A heavily criticized lesbian couple in California are defending their eleven-year-old adopted son’s decision to go on hormone blockers … claiming it is better for a child to have a sex change when they are young.
The Daily Mail

Corrupting City Hall
Another Town Clerk in the state of New York is under attack from all sides for defending true marriage … and is facing a lawsuit for refusing to marry same-sex couples.
Lifesite News

Sanctuary Sold
Catholic parishioners in Boston are literally refusing to leave their church … even though it has just been sold by the Archdiocese … and while they grasp at straws to keep it open … they are running out of options.

Temporary Mexican Marriages
The same liberals who managed to legalize same-sex marriage in Mexico City want to destroy the permanence of True Marriage … with what they think is a revolutionary idea … temporary marriage licenses.
Fox News

Body Check
An emerging American hockey star is stirring up headlines by throwing down the gauntlet … not to his competition on the ice … but to guys and gals who don’t practice modesty.

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