Friday, October 21, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 10-21

Lying to Lori
Jesuits in charge of a Catholic university are reportedly lying to their bishop in an effort to corrupt the young adults in their academic care … by bussing them to hear a homosexual activist contradict Church teaching at the Pro Queer Life Conference.
The Cardinal Newman Society
The Mirror

Homosexual Hatred
Marriage and Family champion Robert George … the Catholic Princeton professor of Jurisprudence … is under fire from homosexual lobbyists … put in their crosshairs by a letter sent to the President of Princeton University.
The New Civil Rights Movement

Fasting for Freedom
A complete government takeover of schools is causing Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun of China to fast in grief for three days … receiving only Holy Communion and water.
The Vatican Insider

Sarandon Sans Sanity
Once again … the status of celebrity has gone directly to the head of one Hollywood actress … causing her to publicly insult the Pope.

New Nuncio
Our Holy Father … Pope Benedict XVIth has named a new Apostolic Nuncio to the United States.

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