Thursday, October 27, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 10-27

Pernicious Pepsi Policy
Shareholders are putting up a fight against Pepsi’s contract to use the stem cell lines of aborted babies for flavor research … going as far as asking for help from the Security Exchange Commission.
Chrstian News Wire

Documents Destroyed
Records needed to prosecute Planned Parenthood in Kansas have mysteriously disappeared … causing a delay in the criminal court proceedings.

Latest CUA Lawsuit
More charges are now being filed against Catholic University of America … by the same man who initiated the lawsuit attacking the university’s right to have separate dorms for guys and girls.
The Tower

Homosexual Hate Crime
The violent actions of homosexual activist vandals in Chicago include throwing bricks and hate speech ... directing both forms of hatred at supporters of true marriage.

Shocking Gay Play
A new play in Hartford Connecticut that seeks to expose children to homosexual situations they may be uncomfortable with is being forced on kids … even behind the backs of parents.
Speak Up Movement
Hartford Courant

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