Monday, October 31, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 10-31

Governor Gone Activist
The governor of New York is now establishing himself a homosexual activist on the national stage … calling boldly for every state in America to follow its example and legalize homosexuality.
New York Times

Gender-Free Scouting
The Girl Scouts are welcoming a young boy into their organization … saying it’s okay … because he’s living like a girl.
Cybernet News Service

Embracing a Cure
Changing from homosexual to heterosexual may not be easy … but newly completed research says it is definitely possible to successfully change one’s sexual orientation.

Satanic Murder
The victim of what appears to be a satanic human sacrifice in South Africa has passed away from her injuries … after her attackers tied her up and set her on fire … putting her in a coma.

Faithful Succession
Royalty in the United Kingdom seems to be softening its prejudice against Catholics … now that rules of succession to the English crown will be changed … allowing royalty to marry members of the One True Faith.
Fox News

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