Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 10-11

Purging Cairo’s Christians
Dozens of Coptic Christians have been massacred in Egypt … as peaceful demonstrators carrying wooden crosses in Cairo were attacked and slaughtered by thugs and government forces.
Assyrian International News Agency

Iron Clad Argument
Arguments over religion can apparently become hazardous in Wisconsin … if you’re talking about Islam.

Society Without Christ
Sex Drugs and rock and roll are back … as the Wall Street Protests spiral down into anarchy.
The Daily Mail

Making the List
With Republican candidates courting voters for support in the party’s race for a presidential nominee … two groups have come together to try to help voters know what they’re getting.
Cybernet News Service

Coming Home to Catholicism
The Catholic Church is celebrating the conversion of almost sixty new Catholics in Washington D.C. … as St. Luke’s Episcopal parish in Maryland is being brought back into the Fold.
The Washington Post

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