Thursday, October 6, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 10-06

Lack of Guidance
American Bishops are choosing to be nearly mute once again … when giving guidance to Catholic voters in the upcoming presidential election.

Media Jihad
Globlist Billionaire and insider trading convict George Soros is forging his own campaign to put a positive spin on Jihadist Islam.

Organized Bigotry
One of the fastest growing demographics in America … Atheists … will be holding a convention in Connecticut this weekend as the Freedom from Religion Coalition (FFRC) hands out awards for noted accomplishments in stomping out Christianity.

Churches on the Cheap
You might be able to find bread ready to go bad at the grocery store being sold three for a dollar … but churches?
The Windsor Star

Christophobia in Football
It’s tough being a celebrity these days … especially if one is a Christian … because you might become a polarizing figure in the public square.
Archdiocese of Denver

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