Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 10-12

Mother Murdered
A panicking woman who lied about being pregnant is being held for murder … after she allegedly bludgeoned a mother unconscious with a baseball bat and cut the woman’s child from her womb with an exacto knife.
Fox News

Horror of Human Cloning
The world is claiming a recent accomplishment in the field of cloning … a scientist who says he has successfully cloned human embryos … according to Catholic-Culture-dot-org.

Legislating Gender Identity
In California … you can now change your birth certificate information … as long as you can provide proof of what is being called “clinically appropriate treatment” when you had your sex change.
Catholic Online

Wall Street Jihad
The occupy-wall-street movement is changing its national image from an urban rave in New York City to jihadist-sympathizers in Boston.

None Standing
Despite the heroic efforts of Christians in Afghnaistan there is not a single church left standing and U.S. taxpayer money may have helped to fund the destruction.
Cybernet News Service

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