Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 10-18

Communist Occupation
The Communist Party is receiving a warm welcome in Chicago … as the Occupy Wall Street mob of 3 thousand listened to an address from a communist spokesperson … answering with cheers and thunderous applause.
World Net Daily

Roman Riots
The Vatican is condemning disastrous riots in Rome’s streets after an offshoot of the Occupy movement …calling themselves “the indigent…” attacked a Church nearby St. John Lateran Square … where theblaze.com reports … most of the destruction took place.
Inquirer News

Defunding the United Nations
Republicans in the House are going after the U.N. again … this time by advancing legislation to pull back Americas’ funding for the international organization.
Cybernet News Service

Homeschooling Hostage
A family in Sweden continues to fight for the custody of their son … taken away from them by the state in 2009 … because they were homeschooling him.

Coercing Chloe
A fifteen year old girl is being prevented by the State of Illinois from returning to her parents … now 34 months pregnant after being repeatedly raped by gang members while under government supervision.
Help Chloe

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