Monday, October 17, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 10-17

Occupy the White House
Obama says that he will be making use of the “occupy” protests against Wall Street … as part of his platform strategy for re-election … and to help get his jobs bill passed unfortunately for him … the protestors seem to be attracting some of the most controversial elements of society.
The Washington Post

Ground Zero Mosque Eviction
Developers of the mega-mosque being built on Ground Zero are facing eviction because of back rent on the property … needed to carry out their future expansion plans.
Fox News

Bishop Indicted
The Bishop of Kansas City, Missouri is now the first American bishop to be indicted on criminal misdemeanor charges for failure to inform law enforcement of child abuse.
Kansas City Star

Activists Fund Gravel Lawsuit
An organization that calls itself Catholic is assisting in fundraising efforts to support ex homosexual hooker Fr. Raymond Gravel in his libel lawsuit against Lifesite News-dot-com.
LifeSite News

Miscarriage of Judgement
Pregnant mothers told they have miscarried their unborn child may want to get a second opinion … according to a study in the United Kingdom.
Fox News

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