Friday, October 7, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 10-07

Don’t Ask the Chaplain
Orthodox and evangelical Christian military chaplains are joining the fight against the Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell … following the example of the Archdiocese for Military Service’s recent defense of true marriage in the military.
Cybernet News Service

Defunding Population Fund
GOP members of the chamber are fighting to reverse Obama’s reinstatement of funds for the U.N. organization that has been accused of putting our money towards China’s population control policies.
Cybernet News Service

Defunding Matercare
The Canadian Government is denying money to an International Catholic group that saves mothers from dying when giving birth … while funneling millions to groups like Planned Parenthood.
Catholic News Agency

Pulled Pork
The other white meat is under attack … and you can be sure inmates in the Ohio prison system aren’t going to be too happy about it.
The Washington Post

Pagan Pride
With the Atheist and Christian battle in America pitching back and for the in the mainstream media lately … one group you don’t hear much about nowadays are the old fashioned pagans.

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