Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 09-06

Showdown in Vienna
A battle royale is brewing in Vienna Austria between a large group of dissident priests and Cardinal Schoenborn .. the primate of Austria.
Catholic News Service

Vatican Answers Back
This weekend .. the Vatican released its detailed response to the Cloyne report from Irish officials and their charges against the Church stemming from the sex abuse crisis that has gripped the Emerald Isle for the past couple of years.
The Catholic Herald

Obama Tanking
With an economy that can’t find its footing … and unemployment stagnant at near 10 percent .. the latest polls show Obama hanging on for dear life in the job approval ratings just released.

Correct the Sinner
Pope Benedict XVI is reminding Catholics of the duty to admonish the sinner .. one of the spiritual works of mercy.
Vatican Radio

Happy Birthday Mom
Opposing the Reproductive Health bill … now being debated in the Filipino Senate … is to give the Blessed Virgin Mary a beautiful birthday present.

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