Monday, September 26, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 09-26

Rape, Paternity and Planned Parenthood
Police in Spokane, Washington are holding a 21 year old man in the suspected rape case of a young girl.

LGBT Bullying Christians
Paypal is allowing homosexual activists to influence its policies … freezing the funds in the account of Pro-Life advocate Julio Severo … rendering him unable to accept donations through his account as well.
Lifesite News

Serving Time in the Pew
Non-violent offenders in Bay Minette, Alabama will have a choice to make … starting this week … they can choose jail time or be sentenced to a year of Sunday church attendance.

Schoolhouse Censorship
Soon being on the honor roll may not be good enough to keep your kids in school … they might have to endorse homosexuality as well … if a recent development in Texas is any indication of the future.
Lifesite News

German Shepherd
While some priests and bishops in America appear to be silent on matters of same-sex marriage and abortion … Pope Benedict XVI is speaking clearly on these matters during his trip to Germany.

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