Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 09-07

Accolades for Abortion Activism
As if it weren’t bad enough for some priests and the laity in America to be openly endorsing pro-abort politicians … now the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops appears to be as well.

Media Ignores Ethnic Targeting
Abortion mills across America are concentrated in minority neighborhoods deliberately … confirmed by a new study done by Life Dynamics Incorporated (LDI) … and the media simply doesn’t care to report on it.

Suicide Laws Ignored
The British government is ignoring violations of its own law against assisted suicide … letting dozens of deaths go overlooked without prosecuting anyone for violating the law.

First Amendment Standoff
A U.S. Senator is submarining the Secretary of the Air Force …demanding to know why a missile training course containing Bible verses in its curriculum was suspended … while also calling the move unconstitutional.

Eight Million and Counting
Move over Justin Bieber … Lady Gaga … when it comes to the world of Facebook followers … everybody likes Jesus.

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