Thursday, September 8, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 09-08

Lucky Seven
A top election expert from the University of Virginia says that the number seven may not be Mr. Obama’s lucky number in the coming 2012 election … because seven states may determine the outcome.

India’s Catholics Persecuted
The Persecution of Catholics in India escalates … as noises in the night drew nearby Catholics to their cathedral … only to find burned vestments, destroyed confessionals and a desecrated altar.

Saint Death
While many Americans are concerned about Islamic Jihad and its attacks … especially after nine-eleven … a report from the U.S. Foreign Military Studies office is pointing out another threat just as awful … that of Santa Muerte.
Pajamas Media

Fined for Voting
Polish members of Parliament who recently voted in favor of banning abortion in their country are being fined for …“voting against party lines.”
Christian Telegraph

Condemning a Cure
A Polish medical campus is cancelling a conference on psychological therapy for same-sex attraction … following the demands of homosexual activists.
Lifesite News

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