Friday, September 30, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 09-30

Terrorism Leader Killed
Special Forces in the country of Yemen have brought down a high profile Al Qaeda target … as multiple news sources are saying that U.S. Special forces have killed terrorist leader Al Awlaki.
Associated Press

Mexico’s Fight for Life!
A Roe V. Wade style fight in Mexico has taken a turn towards Life … but there are more bumps to come in this road… according to Fox News.
Fox News Latino

Gross Exaggeration
The U.S. Census Bureau is admitting that it “Artificially inflated” the reported number of same sex couples in the United States by a whopping forty percent.
Cybernet News Service

Narrowing Freedom
Eighteen Catholic Colleges from all across the United States are appealing to the Obama administration to exempt religious institutions from the contraception mandate required by his health care plan.
The Cardinal Newman Society

Without His Blessing
The impulse to say “bless you” to someone could seriously cut into your grade … and it is for some high school students in Maryland.
The Baltimore Sun

Sweet Freedom!!!
Well … it took nine years … but a long awaited verdict coming from appellate court is confirming the freedom of young students to publicly express and spread Christianity.

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