Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 09-28

Planned Parenthood Investigated
At long last … America’s abortion Giant is being investigated by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce (HCEC) to determine whether or not they are handling criminal conduct properly … and to establish that they have not mismanaged federal funding to pay for abortions.
Lifesite News

Deadly Conversion
You could lose your life … if you are a Christian convert with Muslim ancestry in Iran … and a young protestant is about to find out first hand.
Cybernet News Service

Muslim Marriage in the UK
Taxpayers in the United Kingdom are paying Muslims to take over the population of their country … while the government and politicians turn a blind eye to the issue.
Daily Mail

The Price of Revolution
Women are objectified enough nowadays without doing it to themselves … but social psychologists say the so-called “price” for a man to get a woman to be intimate with him has hit an all-time low in today’s sexual revolution.
The New York Post

White is the New Black
A teaching consultant in the United Kingdom says children … two and up … should not be exposed to white paper or black witches hats … since the traditional understanding of color in relation to these things could lead children to racism.
The Telegraph

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