Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 09-22

No Contest
Some Somali children are getting a bang out of a new contest … as a local radio station in Somalia is awarding books … bombs and guns to child winners of a Quran recital contest.

Unethical Lockdown
While some Catholic Health care systems are pushing aside the Faith to support abortion … one in Australia is stepping in to become the primary supplier of condoms to prisoners.
The Herald Sun

Promoting False Teaching
Recent focus here at RealCatholicTV-dot-com has been centered around the homosexual agenda being promoted in the Catholic Church … leading to phone calls yesterday from our viewers in Florida.

Discriminating UK Courts
The United Kingdom’s Archbishop of Southwark says that when it comes to protecting the rights of Christians to practice freedom of religion … the British courts are guilty of “wooly thinking.”
The Catholic Herald

Calvary Crackdown
A 25 foot cross in an elderly woman’s yard in California has her neighbors in a tizzy … and they have called the Department of Building and Safety on her.

More Crosses Removed
The town of Julian, California is up in arms … bent out of shape because three crosses part of the local landscape for 100 years were taken down after complaints to the state that they shouldn’t be on public property.

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