Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 09-13

Carolina Constitutional Conflict
Democrats and Republicans are loading their guns for what promises to be a very heated debate over the next year … now that the state will host a referendum in May on whether or not to ban homosexual marriage in its constitution.
Christian Science Monitor

The New Buzz in Population Propaganda
In a world where playing God with human life has become the norm … a pharmaceutical company is trying to promote fertility treatments with a Facebook campaign called “The early bird gets the sperm.”
Fox News

Divorce Drop
Breaking news for the marriage front--the divorce rate has dropped to almost the same rate as the early sixties … but a new study says the determining factor could be that there are simply fewer marriages.
Lifesite News

Gender Bender
The European Union is cracking down on gender selective abortions … drawing much criticism after passing a draft resolution that would forbid parents from knowing the sex of their child … until birth.
The London Telegraph

Battle on Broadway
The homosexual agenda is taking center stage in the Big Apple.
Cybernet News Service

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