Friday, September 9, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 09-09

Sex and Starvation
Human rights violations in undeveloped African countries are common enough without having United Nations personnel adding to the problem.
Lifesite News

Homosexual Brainwashing
Californian parents are frantically concerned … watching as so-called “alternative lifestyle” education crests the hill with the coming year … becoming active in January.

Win a Baby
From the UK to Canada … offering a baby as a consumer prize in a contest is becoming more and more popular.
Lifesite News

Obama’s Anti-Catholic Bias
Obama’s American Embassy officials in Poland are targeting the Catholic Church as the source of what they call homophobia in the country … when it comes to pushing the homosexual agenda.
Lifesite News

No Place Like Home
A town in Germany is saying that a visit by the Pope … a native German … is not an event of …“overwhelming public interest” … and are refusing to publicize his scheduled visit on their billboards.
IOL News

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