Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 09-20

Muslim Freedom of Religion
Hillary Clinton and the Obama’s State department are turning a blind eye to the killing of innocent Christians who violate Islamic Blasphemy Laws.
Cybernet News Service

Paypal Prejudice
Paypal is launching an investigation against Christian non-profits … accusing them of “hate” and “extremism”… in an effort to cut off their cash flow from donors … at the request of homosexual activists.
Lifesite News

Preaching to the Choir
A homosexual choir director in New Jersey has quit his job … because the new priest is making his work environment quote “hostile” … expressing Church teaching on same sex relationships.
CBS New York

Ethics On Thin Ice
The Archbishop of Anchorage, Alaska is finally getting around to responding to a blatant violation of Catholic life ethics … uncovered in early August by a pro-life blogger … but his response is sure to leave any faithful catholic wanting.
Catholic Anchor
Original Story: Lifesite News

Illegal in Lichtenstein
Pro-Lifers are breathing a sigh of relief in the principality of Lichtenstein … after a close vote over the weekend to keep abortion illegal.

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